the hike that will change your life

What is She Guides The Way Hiking?


She Guides The Way Hiking is the combination of getting out in nature and connecting with it.  The hiking allows you to become aware of the stories you have going on.  Once at the summit of the trail, we will sit among the rocks on mexican blankets and begin the deep inner-work of what those stories have to tell you.  How you can move forward in your life to let go, heal and a plan of action to move forward in your life get what you really want. With the beauty of the sunset in your eyes,  we will ground  in spiritual mantras to call your power back to you and feel the reinforcement of the universe at your back.  You will know that you are always guided and loved with every step in your life.  That is all is in perfect divine timing and all is truly well.  And while a lot of this sounds magical af, which it is.  We will be doing the work to shift your perceptions of yourself and your reality.  We will rework your stories.

>>>      >>>     >>>     LIFE COACHING IS ALWAYS ABOUT FORWARD MOTION     >>>      >>>     >>> 

Here are few things that we may work through on the She Guides The Way Hike

// Your stories.

     \\ FEAR based thinking

     \\ WORTHINESS - Not feeling good enough 

      \\ ALWAYS feeling like you're doing something wrong


// Wanting to find some Inner-Peace

     \\ CULTIVATING Love over Fear mentality

      \\ SHIFTING your stories

      \\ TRUSTING your own Inner Guidance

// Tapping into the magic that is your life

     \\ SEEING yourself as capable of  doing anything

      \\ DIVINE inspired action - making shit happen with Spirit

       \\ MANIFESTATION- Doing the work to get yourself aligned

             with your goals, dreams and basically anything you want


Why I created She Guides The Way Hiking?

I believe that when we connect with nature, nature has a way of healing us.  She shows us patience, guidance and the ability to persevere no matter the obstacles.   Just like the the flower in the cracked cement we can all rise through our personal obstacles.  And for me hiking really just showed me where I was stuck, what I wanted out of life and how to heal the varying aspects of my life.

What if I'm not physically able to hike a mountain trail?

The beautiful thing is that I have been there.  I have been so physically unwell that I wasn't able to hike my favorite trails.  It was real bummer for me.  But like anything that is important to you, you find a way.  I found several spots that are typically 3-5 min. hikes.  Everyone deserves the ability to have a connection with nature and its beauty.

How do I get started?

If She Guides The Way Hiking resonates with you, please schedule a free 20 minute Discovery call.  I would love to  chat with you and see how I may guide you on your path. 


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