Become the gentle observer of your thoughts

May 29, 2018

We live in an amazing Universe that allows us to create our own reality. If we truly acknowledge that, it is both empowering and yet terrifying at the same time. But if we can look at it as abundant amount of freedom of unconditional love, we can start laying the ground work to create a life we truly are in love with.


The foundations for intentionally creating the life you desire begin with Mastery of Thought, Impulses and Emotions. So what the hell are thinking about on a daily-basis? And how is it making you feel? Just because we think a thought doesn’t even mean it’s true. If we can look at our thoughts as what we have going on in brain and vibration then we can start to see how it is reflecting in our reality. Are things going smoothly and in the flow? Or is there shitstorm of chaos going on?






This is where becoming the Gentle Observer of your thoughts comes into play. When we take time to take a breath and breathe into what we have going on we can slowdown and pause. This is a crucial pivot point for allowing ourselves to go back to our peace and come into alignment and become Unfuckable with once again. It is also how you begin to stop letting your fear, anxiety and all of the other crazy shit that runs our lives. By observing our thoughts we can put the mfing breaks on that freight train of crazy before it gets going.


Then there is the bag of emotions. Emotions are a beautiful thing that can truly help us to feel every spectrum of the emotional scale. And it’s all good until we get “Triggered!” So here is a new way to thing about a trigger... A trigger is just information. When we can look at as just information we can begin to shift our thought patterns around what we have going on. I’ll be real, this can be a real betch. It may take some time... but again be the Gentle Observer. You can’t get what you want by being an asshole to yourself. Trust me... I’ve tried it has yet to pan out.


So let’s begin to take personal responsibility for our happiness and creating a life we love. Keep your thoughts, impulses and emotions in check by gently calling yourself out on your own bullshit. At the end of the day that is really all the spiritual path is about call yourself back to your inner-knowing, inner-peace -and unconditional love for yourself.

Need help figuring this all out? DM me for a mini-session!

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