When you are always reaching for something better than what you have.

May 16, 2018




Maybe you can relate to this, but I have always felt like in the in-betweens and never quite exactly where I want to be.  Which I have come to realize is just an illusion.  What I have learned is that I am exactly where I am meant to be.  And while wanting to create some crazy awesome shit into my life is great, not discounting the beauty of where I am at is crucial AF.  This is because when you discount where are at, you create disharmony in our vibration, our body and our life.  To be fully accepting of where we are at is a profoundly vulnerable place to find yourself at.  Its saying, “Hey, look at all of the work I have done to get here and the ability to let that shit go.  Feeling the beauty of it all.  Coming into the knowing that I have been fully guided, loved and supported all of this time.  And as I go forth, I will be just as loved, guided and supported as I have ALWAYS been.”  When we create that kind of stability of inner peace and inner knowing anything and everything is possible.  So be in full gratitude, appreciation and acceptance for where you are at right now, while even more great shit is lining up for you.  That is the work and that is the magic of life. 


3 mantras for accepting exactly where you are at:




I am exactly where I am meant to be.

When you say this to yourself you ground yourself in your inner-knowing that all is well and perfect in this moment. 

That there is no need to question where you are in your life or compare your life to anyone else’s.



I am always being guided.

There is Divine Intelligence within us and all around us.  When you say this mantra, it helps you to tap into that space of Divine Knowing.  And when you are willing to accept that all of the steps in your life have perfectly lead to where you are and it has the ability to open up that heart space that makes you feel all warm with love and appreciation.


Divine Timing is always on my side.

When we truly allow and trust the Universe to pull together the things we want, it can manifest in the highest form.  By holding space for all the good shit we desire to come together we don’t push away what we desire and we don’t stressed AF about it. When we control we create chaos.  When we allow we flow


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